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Cairo Film Fest Exceeds Expectations

Written by Ward Zeyada Nov 23rd, 2009
CIFF website

The Cairo International Film Festival's curtains have fallen to bring an end to yet another success story organized by Egypt. Following previous editions where the event was an utter embarrassement, the 33rd attempt has successfully upgraded Egypt's status to join the likes of Burkina Faso and Zimbabwe as self-proclaimed corruption-free nations. For starters, the website had been completely revamped in preparation...

Drive-by Art: No Sacrifice, No Boredom

Written by Subar Lox Nov 22nd, 2009
Tuesday, 24th of November, 2009

Early next year Cairenes will have a quicker and cheaper way to become "artistic intellectuals". Starting January 2010, commuters on the Mehwar will be able to enjoy masterpieces from the Artsy Museum of Elite Egyptians' Needs (AMEEN) free of charge as they zoom by them on their way to and from work. AMEEN and the Cairo Traffic Authority have teamed up to furnish Cairo with the most innovative art 'venue' yet: the...

2012: So bad it's inspiring?

Written by Makarona Nov 22nd, 2009
Sunday, 22nd of November, 2009

Rarely has a film inspired a generation in the way that the latest end-of-the-world flick, 2012, has. Dismayed by the realization that the pinnacle of civilization has led human beings to spend millions of dollars to make this film, many who have seen 2012 are now actively trying to literally end civilization. “Once you realize that modern culture can come up with something like this,” says one apocalyptic-looking...

Government Dismayed by State of Art in Egypt

Written by EKT Team Oct 31st, 2009
Monday, 2nd of November, 2009

“It looks like a brain damaged six year old drew this!” said the infamously controversial head of the Patriotic Art Committee. Khallik Watani shouted these words while angrily looking at a three meter wide plain canvas boasting four purple squiggles and smudged bird feces. The modern art gallery harboring the painting was mysteriously burned down the following day after 60 state security officers publicly set fire...

First Art Auction Major Success

Written by Subar Lox Oct 21st, 2009
Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Last Friday saw the first ever art auction held in Cairo. And what an auction it was. Cairo was once known across the globe as the cultural center of the Middle East, churning out superstars such as Nancy Ajram and “ah we noss” or George Wassouf and actor Nour El Sheriff to name a few.  But more recently, it seems the Gulf emirate states of Dubai and Abu Dhabi have stolen the limelight.  Cultural...