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Cairo Film Fest Exceeds Expectations

Sometimes even showing the correct films, and on time!

| Written by wardzeyada

Mon, 11/23/2009 - 13:49

The Cairo International Film Festival's curtains have fallen to bring an end to yet another success story organized by Egypt. Following previous editions where the event was an utter embarrassement, the 33rd attempt has successfully upgraded Egypt's status to join the likes of Burkina Faso and Zimbabwe as self-proclaimed corruption-free nations.

For starters, the website had been completely revamped in preparation for the big event. At least three of the main navigational links were functional, and with intermediate knowledge in server-side programming and network administration, visitors can easily reach the screening schedules. Rumors went as far as suggesting that the website was compatible with the Firefox browser, but a quick test proved otherwise. Regardless, after commissioning LINKdotNET with as little as 2.6 million dollars, the website proved to be a sign of good things to come.

A spokesman for the film festival, Fannan Shez, interrupted an intense make-up session to speak with EKT about this unprecedented success. "I would like to start by thanking Mr. Gamal Mubarak and mammy Suzaan for their continued support," stated Mr. Shez, "but let me clear: this was not easy, no sir, not at all!"

Mr. Shez has been taken to court after being accused of inadequately dispensing public funds, but aside from his Swiss make-up team and the Armani collection, it is hard to believe that the CIFF was not his main priority.

In order to ensure that only the best and more thought-provoking films made it to the festival, a thorough selection process was applied. Movies released within the last 20 years were discarded to avoid those already widely available through torrent websites. Moreover, movies were given generic translations to prevent anyone from obtaining detailed information about them, and thus facilitating the regular process of last minute changes to screenings. Surprisingly, however, at least 30% of the movies were shown correctly and on time - even if it meant using VCDs and YouTube streams.

As a result, attendence levels were extremely high, reaching as many as 10 visitors in a single screening, some who are not directly related to the producers.

After such a success, Mr. Shez and Co. have the sky as the limit, with reports suggesting allowing regular citizens to attend without having to pass the National Patriotic Censorship Exam. Indeed, Egypt has taken organization to the next level.

Benjamin Geer

Thu, 11/26/2009 - 11:28

You forgot to mention that in order to read descriptions of the films showing on a particular day, you had to:

1. Find the film schedules (this was to keep less determined viewers from going to the festival, thus ensuring that only people who really love cinema would go).

2. Read the schedule for each cinema separately (since what everyone obviously cares about most is where the film is showing, not the film itself).

3. Download 50 megabytes of PDF files (which is fine, since everyone in Egypt has a fast Internet connection).

4. Look through all the files page by page to find each film, because they aren't searchable (since obviously anyone who likes cinema will be interested in all the films, and will therefore want to read all the descriptions).

5. Read descriptions that make all the films sound incredibly boring (this was to make Egyptians who couldn't afford to spend 25 pounds for a cinema ticket feel that they weren't missing anything anyway).

Ibn el gu3a

Fri, 11/27/2009 - 18:07

I love koshary today! And I'd love to have koshary today, but this is another story

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