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Egyptians Break DSL Record

Most users on a single subscription

| Written by wardzeyada

Wed, 10/21/2009 - 01:29

Ahmed Ashraf, better known as “lord el net”, is more than just a DSL subscriber – he is also the Internet provider for the 82 neighbors sharing his DSL account with TE Data. Ashraf and his entire community in Helmeyet El Zeitoun share his connection of 256 Kbps, worth LE45 per month.

"That's just under LE2 a month for an internet connection," boasts Ashraf's neighbour Fatakat. While it takes an approximate 32 minutes to load simple pages like because of the number of people sharing the already slow connection, most of Ashraf's neighbours are still happy customers. "It is still much faster than when I had my own DSL connection with LINKdotNET," grinned another of Ashraf's neighbours.

TE Data is responding to this increasingly common phenomenon of shared DSL subscriptions by offering bootleg copies of 1,500 movies and 6,000 songs from all over the Arab world. Those eligible are subscribers who limit sharing their DSL subscriptions to only three households.

Person who shat himself laughing

Tue, 11/17/2009 - 11:38

when i first read this title I thought you were talking about another type of "DSL" :D

btw dude did you see the lady on your facebook page thats said "KEFFAYA FADAYEH BA2A!!!!" hahahah fucking hilarious

Govartina fel saba7eya

Thu, 12/17/2009 - 10:37

BLEEEz update this more please amazing laughter. anyways dee mesh fadaye7 if anyone men bara read it they wouldnt get any of the refrences so it wouldnt make sense.

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