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EKT to recommence

After months of quiet, EKT is back from a long adventure.

| Written by makarona

Mon, 11/08/2010 - 16:14

Dear EKT readers,

When the World Cup began last June, EKT staff escaped to Turkey for a mystical Sufi retreat after Subar Lox saw an ad for it in Al-Waseet. We hoped the one way journey would give us time to contemplate the void left by Egypt’s failure to qualify.

Unfortunately, after spinning in circles for days on end and still not being able to shake off our depression, we finally gave up on enlightenment and squandered our money on Ukrainian escorts in Istanbul. This whole time we were struggling to wean ourselves off of koshary, but when Ward Zeyada started sprinkling his “girlfriend” Olga with fried onions while he was sleepwalking, it became clear that it was time to head back.

Penniless, we joined a ship that promised to drop us off the coast of Arish. The result was catastrophic:

As you can probably guess, we came too close to the Gaza blockade. Apparently, EKT writers were well known in Israel, hence this picture was taken of us and posted on the young lady soldier's Facebook.

Arriving back in Cairo towards the end of July, we took some time to recover from several STDs and certain side-effects of our interrogations by the IDF that included, among other things, excess gas.

Then came Ramadan, and the arbitrary switch in time to “legally” cheat and fast a little less threw our biological clocks off so badly, writing became impossible. After that was, kol sana wento tayebeen, Eid, which meant another 4 days of official holidays, and two weeks of unofficially “not really doing any work.”

Then, just as we were beginning to restart, reports reached us that news networks like CNN and BBC had doctored photos of our fearless leader, falsely depicting him as walking behind a trail of leaders at a peace summit. This we could not accept. Having taken an offer from the ultra-professional paper, Al-Ahram, we strove to unveil the truth and depict what really happened:

EKT is committed to brining you the true "truth" about what really goes on in this world. And so, we now recommence.


Wed, 11/10/2010 - 03:25

finally you're back!!!

Junius Cargile

Mon, 12/06/2010 - 08:37

So happy to see EKT back.

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