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Woods Pens Major Sponsorship Deal with Aazra'

In other industries Woods retains star power...

| Written by subarlox

Thu, 03/11/2010 - 03:08

After a career-threatening scandal, Tiger Woods penned a deal last week with Egypt's controversial 3arza2 sex shop to promote its products for as long as it takes him to return to golf.

Azraa's logo3azra2, Egypt's first and only known sex shop, is hoping this major signing will help it recover from an earlier setback regarding its logo, which forced it to shut down. (Click here, then scroll down for more info about 3azra2.)

With sponsorship deals collapsing left and right for Mr. Woods, 3azra2 decided to capitalize on the golfers rising reputation for infidelity and saw an opportunity they couldn't let pass.

Despite his recent public apology, however, Mr. Woods has shrewdly found another angle from where he can exploit his star status.

A spokeswoman for 3arza2 said, "We are thrilled Mr. Woods has agreed to work with us." She added: "Given his recent naughtiness and strong sexual urges we believe he is the ideal representative for our company."

According to his website Mr. Woods is so excited about this deal he is even comtemplating dropping the "s" in his last name and changing it to the more appropriate Tiger Wood.

Rumors have it that 3azra2 is already in discussion with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's representatives, who are hoping to strike a deal with yet another celebrity with impressive, unashamed sexual endeavors.

3azra2 was kind enough to share with EKT the latest designs for promotional posters with Mr. Woods playing naked twister. Sadly we are unable to reveal the whole poster as it portrays positions with clear do not try this at home elements. Some posters will carry the catchy slogan, "The man likes to do it. Don't you?" and others including, "Orgasm like a Tiger".


Sat, 03/27/2010 - 00:22

Ya wlad el-aih hahaha, to7fa

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