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Radio & TV Building to Introduce Computers

Reducing bureaucracy by 8%

| Written by wardzeyada

Mon, 11/09/2009 - 00:52

The gigantic Iza3a Wal Telefezion building in Maspiro is to undergo a revolutionary upgrade by incorporating no less than 20 PCs. The decision was made as part of a desperate attempt to reduce processing times for documents, such as the certificate of attendance, to a bearable six months.

The man behind the historical move is Dr. 3asheeny Tela2eeny, head of the Committee for the Acknowledgement and Advanced of the Society's Hazards (CAASH). The organization which is responsible for reducing the number of irrelevant organizations within the Egyptian Radio & Television Union, seeking productivity and efficiency, and fighting bribery.

"The Egyptian Radio & Television Union is the source of art and literature for the entire Arab world," declared a proud Dr. Tela2eeny. “The employees are friendly and hard-working, the offices are clearly marked to avoid confusion, and bribes are strictly prohibited. But that's not enough, we always strive for the better, which is why we've purchased more computers than we'll ever need.”

The implementation of the computerized tasks will be immediate. Upon entering the slick, airy and well-lit hall visitors will complete a 16-page application with basic information and submit it to Ostaz Rashad, who is responsible for receiving and briefly reviewing the submissions (during business hours, excluding prayer times).

After that, he or she will be required to visit Madam Nagwa on the 7th floor and pay the processing fee. After attaining the proof of payment, the visitor is to present that paper to Ostaz Rashad who can begin processing. Within 3 business days, the information will be entered in Notepad and sent by post to the corresponding office. From that point onwards, whenever one applies for any document related to the Egyptian radio or television, he or she will need to repeat these steps and save time and energy.

Some are skeptical that people with high connections will be given priority in the procedures. Dr. Tela2eeny assures that it is purely a question of who pays more, regardless of race, sex or religion.

With a dial-up internet connection reportingly on the horizon, rumors are circulating that the government is considering installing bootleg copies of Microsoft Excel and creating a spreadsheet with the information of every single Radio & TV employee in the entire republic.

The sky's the limit now that Egypt has joined the likes of Japan and Germany as pioneers of using technology in the administrative sector. Egyptians can now enjoy faster processing times, unprecedented efficiency, and a life free of government bureaucracy.

mostafa hamouda

Tue, 12/22/2009 - 12:54

LOOL, heyia dih masr ya 3abla


Thu, 02/25/2010 - 23:42

hahaha , i remember sheikh el azhar 7ad sa2alo , so your into tech? he said , dah ana wazeer el etesalat b nafso geeh rakebly gehaz comButar hena b nafso! hahahaha

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