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The Cricket Revolution Reaches Egypt

Wickets, dinks and floaters?

| Written by subarlox

Thu, 10/22/2009 - 01:18

Magdy Paddlebat is a sporting prophet. His goal? To convert Egypt’s football worshippers to cricket maniacs.

This cricketing messiah was whisked away as a child from his home in Trinidad and Tobago and brought to Cairo, Egypt, where he grew up.  Even as he suckled his mother’s bare breasts (she boasted D cups, Paddlebat asked us to add), he recalls watching lengthy cricket matches on television, ones that often lasted several days. Little did he know he would carry those memories across the ocean with him to the North African football-ensnared country.

These days, Paddlebat confidently confides in EKT, "a revolution is brewing, a cricket revolution." According to Paddlebat, Egypt doesn't know it yet, but soon it will be gripped with cricket fever, right after he finally finishes his resident visa paperwork at El Mogamaa (something that he has struggled with over the last twenty odd years – “I just can’t find the right damn window,” he says) and starts the first ever Egyptian Cricket League.

For now, Paddlebat must be content with playing cricket by himself, an amazing feat considering you need at least many people to begin a game.  He showed off some of his considerable skills when he bowled the ball towards the sticks with the things on them and then ran to try and bat it away.

Panting for breath when we asked him how he expected to turn the hearts of a country addicted to football, he pointed to the fact that many are tired of breaking home furniture as their hopes continue to be dashed by Egyptian football, adding in a booming voice, “The time is ripe for another sport to join the battle for the passions of the people.”

Another point Paddlebat made was that virtually all former British colonies have discovered a love for the game of cricket that runs deep, “so it’s only natural that Egypt follows suit. That it was officially only a ‘mandate’ of Britain is no excuse.”


Fri, 11/20/2009 - 22:54

Perfect timing for Egypt to switch to cricket or maybe move out to Trinidad and Tobago!


Sun, 04/18/2010 - 11:11

I love cricket and would love to meet Magdy
i don't know how many times more I have to write this

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