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Pharaohs Impress at U20 World Cup

Attract Interest from Top Egyptian Clubs

| Written by wardzeyada

Fri, 10/23/2009 - 04:03

A handful of Egypt's under 20 team's stars are reportedly on the summer shopping list of top clubs such as Shebein el Kom and Baladeyyet el Mahalla. After a shock 1-0 victory against established Trinidad & Tobago, the Young Pharaohs managed to keep their losses to under six goals to prove that they have what it takes to perform on the international stage.

With the likes of Bogy, Afroto, Jaackie and Mohamed Talaat, the future of the Egyptian national team is as shiny as the stars overlooking Cairo on a Thursday night. For the first time since the revolutionary flock of players that took Egypt to the World Cup in 1990, the upcoming generation proved to have excelled on key performance criteria, from hairdos to bitchy, yet commanding, attitudes.

Outstandingly, passes within the star-studded team were sometimes completed, and while that was often thanks to the opposition’s help, few can deny that many shots resulted in goal kicks rather than throw-ins. Of course, theatrical displays were second to none. Indeed, this young group is of a different breed.

All eyes were on Talaat as he promised to bring the land of civilization the joy and success granted by legendary figures and historically acclaimed professionals like Mido. As many noted, Talaat has chosen to let his hair grow, and purchased his hair band and other accessories from the same Red Light district store as his idol and role model, Mido.

"We are very proud of Mohamed (Talaat)," declared manager Miroslav Soukup. "We all know that he is a world class player. Even if no one's seen anything from him, we all know that it's true, and that proves my point."

Talaat has already excited many and filled the Egyptian fans with optimism after fighting with five different managers in a span of 6 months, and featuring for 13 different clubs.

But this is no one-man show, for the squad is packed with talent, with some of its players reportedly lasting up to 30 minutes on the pitch. This is not to mention the fighting spirit that saw them make a concerted 40% effort (at least!) in their encounter against Paraguay.

With bullish interests from Egypt's top clubs, there are fears of unrest in the locker room as many of the promising youngsters are losing focus. Manager Soukup, however, is confident they are on an uninterrupted road to success.

"We've already proven we can force teams to score an own goal, and have repeatedly avoided historical defeats" he said in a sure-footed tone, adding, "this is an ongoing success story."

El Koshary Today looks forward to covering the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and invites the current U20s to watch alongside us from the stands.

Mohamed Seif

Thu, 11/05/2009 - 12:10

Absolutely massive stuff here...keep on the good work guys!


Sat, 01/23/2010 - 17:45

Ok, on a serious note;
Why is it that we can continually win the African Cup, but we (Egypt) can't seem to beat those same teams when it comes to the World Cup qualifiers?
Is it -and this is just a guess- that some of the teams, possibly West African ones, have players who are on contract in Europe, and these players do not represent their country of birth in the African Cup, but when the World Cup qualifiers are on, they go back home and represent the country of their birth?
So, for example, Mr. X was born in Angola. He's a world-class player, and has been signed by France to play for them. So he plays for France and not for Angola. So Egypt plays in the African cup, and beats Angola, because players like Mr. X. are not in the Angolan team. However, as soon as the World Cup Qualifiers start, Mr. X. and all the super-star players like him fly back home to Botswana, Gambia, Cameroon, Angola, etc... and they play for Angola/ Cameroon, etc... and because of this, their side is much much stronger, resulting in them kicking Egypts' arse in a way that they were not able to do in the African Cup.

But anyway, that's what I think it might be. As I say, I have no idea why Egypt can manage to consistently win the African Cup, yet it can't seem to beat the same countries when it comes to qualifiers for the World Cup. If anyone knows why this is so, or even if anyone would care to speculate -witness my ramblings above- please lemme know.

Beace out!

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