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An Unusual Addition to Ronaldo’s Trophy Cabinet

Football star given Emmy for field acting

| Written by subarlox

Wed, 10/21/2009 - 02:39

In a surprise move by the famous Emmy Awards, world record signing Cristiano Ronaldo, the Real Madrid and Portugal winger, was awarded an Emmy for his performances on the field. A statement released by the Academy stated, “Cris has worked so hard over the years and he has always been rewarded for his actual football skills, but astonishingly his performances off the ball and rolling around on the ground are always overlooked. The Academy would like to rectify the problem by awarding Mr. Ronaldo his first Emmy for acting.”

In some ways it was only a matter of time, rumors were beginning to circulate after the last World Cup in Germany that soon some of the players would be awarded for their play acting abilities. Club teams that can afford it have gone so far as to hire Hollywood professionals to help players develop their fake tumbles.

With this award being given to Mr. Ronaldo, it is surely only the beginning of the acting awards extending beyond the traditional television and cinema world. Pundits have gone a far as proposing an award for referees who retain a look of confidence when making the dodgiest of calls.

Robert DeNiro expressed his shock, slamming the decision as “ludicrous and outrageous.” The ten times Oscar winner explained that his main concern was that they would soon be awarding Emmys to YouTube amateurs. However, DeNiro agreed, “you have to admit the boy has put in some fantastic performances. You can tell he’s worked hard to perfect some of those facial expressions of anguish and pain. I certainly couldn’t have pulled those stunts off.”


Thu, 10/29/2009 - 17:01

It's really not that surprising for Ronaldo to get an Emmy award, if Barack Obama can get a Nobel peace prize, I think the Emmy is well deserved.

I hear that the Egyptian government is also on the short list for Most Caring Policy Maker of the year, for going to extremes to protect their population from Swine flu and putting speed bumps in every road in order to combat speeding. It is rumored that their efforts have successfully restrained any car from going over 21 Km/h even when the roads are empty.


Sat, 11/21/2009 - 15:23

To my knowledge players Ronaldo, Tony and other ever rising stars have also recently begun vocal training with close friend and voice master Victoria Beckham to enhance their true talent in the performing arts field. Combining football with the arts has always been attempted, however never played out with such precision and passion as we have seen in the last two years. A truly outstanding and mind-blowing job, boys!

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